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If you are planning to renovate the interiors in your home, and thinking of having laminated furniture, you have a wide variety to choose from. Decorative Laminates such as Tajpuria laminates are available in a vast range of solid colours, design patterns as well as different textures.

Apart from asking your carpenter to show you his choice, you can also walk into any good plywood and laminate shop in India for buying these laminates, and can ask to see the laminates catalogues that they have.

Choosing your laminate in a shop, is often much better than choosing online, because the catalogues that they have are not just printed booklets or magazines or brochures that you can see, but rather they contain actual square or rectangular shaped laminate pieces that you can feel and touch.

Laminates come in a variety of textures these days (not only different colours and patterns), and hence these actual laminate catalogues can help you in getting a better idea of what your final furniture will look like, and feel like.

The starting pages of these catalogues have an index, where you can read the names of the laminate varieties and its corresponding page number and directly flip over to the categories that interest you.


Essentially, laminate is an imitation of the wood. It’s a picture of wood printed on the paper, with a transparent protective layer on top, and layers of resin and fiber-board underneath. It is the workhorse of the furniture world. Inexpensive and serviceable are the apt words to describe laminates.

They are also a preferred choice due to various factors such as high/low ambient temperature resistance, scratch-resistance  and durability. Laminates are also easier to maintain.


Laminates are available in diverse design patterns, colours and textures.

Besides great looks, laminates are far easier on the wallet than most other surfacing options on the market today.

Due to innovations, laminates are available that look like and feel like real wood.


With design, material and technology advancement, today’s laminates allow far more décor and finish possibilities than ever.

Laminates play a huge role in shaping up contemporary homes. Laminates are widely popular in commercial spaces like offices for their fuss free feature. Laminates are used in workstations to handle greater wear and tear. Unlike some of the other surfacing materials that traditionally require regular sealing to keep bacteria at bay, laminates are easy to maintain. Anti-bacterial and Anti- fungal laminates are used in places like hospitalsand hotels where hygiene is extremely crucial.


Let us take a look at how laminates can be used to stylize your spaces.


With all the freedom and functionality they provide, laminate finishes can add to the look of beds, chairs, doors, sofas, tables, etc.


Due to strong wear resistance, laminates can be applied in wall shelves in bathroom and kitchen. They can also be applied in bookshelves in bedroom and living room.


Kitchen cabinets can be topped up with decorative laminates for a better look and durability.

Laminate Your Wall

Wall paneling is the modern décor trend. Patterned and Textured laminates can be applied on walls. It brings a whole new dimension to the otherwise plain walls. This style will give your room a vintage feel.  Different tones of willow will help you brighten up your living space to create a modern and interesting look.


Laminates help you realize the cosy, intimate interiors you’ve always fancied. They enhance the aesthetics of a living space adapting to your modern-day living.